Distler BMW 326 Wanderer Convertible Sports Car (Olive Green and Black)


European Convertible Car Toy (Olive), made in Germany, postwar. Image is 1100px wide.


Based on the 1936 BMW 326 Wanderer, the Distler Toy Company manufactured several postwar iterations of this elegant open-top roadster. Produced in West Germany’s US Zone during the 1950s, the metal body of this two-tone version was painted olive green with black fenders. The interior was tan, while the bug-eye headlamps, running boards and wheel hubs were bronze. Both the wind-up key and the steering wheel, which turned the solid rubber front blackwalls, were made of cast iron. Inserted into the spare tire cover, the key wound a tinplate clockwork motor, and a dash-mounted gearshift operated three forward gears as well as neutral and reverse. Image is 1100px wide.