Commonwealth Three Coin Toy Bank


Commonwealth Three Coin Toy Bank, Chas. W. Shonk, American, prewar. Image is 750px wide.


The Commonwealth Three Coin Registering and Savings Bank, patented Sept. 19th, 1905 by the Chas. W. Shonk Co., of Chicago, taught conscientious children to save their nickels, dimes and quarters. Shaped like a fledgling cash register, the tin lithographed toy bank was adorned on the top and sides with a pleasing green and yellow Art Nouveau floral. Operating instructions were very carefully delineated on the back. Each time a coin was correctly inserted and the single lever pulled, a bell would ring, and the running total would appear in the two display windows. When the aggregate deposit reached ten dollars, the display would return to zero, and the bottom door would automatically open. The directions then offered the happy advice to “Remove all coins and close the door.” Image is 750px wide.