Distler Packard Convertible Roadster Toy (Gray)


American Convertible Toy (Gray), made in Germany, postwar. Image is 1156px wide.


The Packard Convertible Roadster was manufactured by the Distler Toy Company in the US Zone of Germany after World War II. The tin convertible featured an amazing clockwork motor and a moveable gearshift with three forward gears, neutral and reverse, as well as a working steering wheel and handbrake. The toy was offered in many color combinations. It’s shown here in gray with red interior and black convertible cover, and as always it features lots of chrome trim. Notice the four solid rubber whitewalls mounted on flashy red wheels with chrome half-moon wheel covers. Distler continued to produce tin cars and other toys until 1962, when its name and tooling were purchased by a Belgian manufacturer. Image is 1156px wide.